Appointment fees

Initial assessment

Approximately 60 minutes


follow-up treatment

30-40 minutes


Extended treatment

Approximately 60 minutes



If your injury is the result of a workplaceaccident, please inform staff prior to booking 

These types of injuries involve a separate booking and payment system, and a claim number is typically required to start the process. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help you with the process.

Payment Methods

Payment is required at the time of each appointment.We accept cash, cheque, credit and debit. Direct billing isavailable for the following insurance providers:

Initial assessment

Book this if it is your first time coming to Response Physical Therapy, if you are returning for a new injury, or haven't been to an appointment in longer than 3 months.

This appointment will involve a detailed history of your injury and overall health, physical testing to assess your strength, range of motion, and to diagnose your specific condition. The findings from these tests will help to create a treatment plan specific to you and your injury. This initial appointment will also include your first treatment.

Follow-up Appointment

Book a regular follow-up appointment once you've had your initial assessment. These appointments usually last about 30-40 minutes and include the treatments we will discuss in our first session. These typically include a combination of education, exercise, and manual therapy techniques, as well as any pain relieving modalities that may be necessary.The timing and frequency of these appointments depends upon your individual needs- Response doesn't believe in a cookie cutter approach!

Extended treatment

Book this appointment if we are treating multiple, unrelated issues (for example if you have sore shoulder, and also sprained an ankle). These appointments usually last an hour, since we will need the extra time to work on more than one thing.

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